What is Counselling?

Counselling offers people the opportunity to resolve emotional and psychological issues. It helps people to come to terms with traumatic life events, explore relationship difficulties, address unhelpful thinking- and behavioural patterns, and make positive changes in their lives.

Counselling takes place in a safe, private, and confidential environment and involves a series of, usually weekly, sessions where counsellor and client talk about the client’s issues.

For me, counselling is personal, it’s a partnership, and it’s a process.

It’s Personal

Every person is unique with their own life story and personal experiences. As counsellor I treat each client with respect and dignity; every client is unique. I aim to understand the client’s personal standpoint and belief system and I support the client in achieving  their personal goals. Consequently, every counselling relationship is unique; no counselling relationship is ever the same.

It’s a Partnership

Counselling is neither about giving advice nor is it a friendly chat. Counselling is teamwork. As counsellor I work alongside the client towards achieving his or her goals. As with any relationship, in order for counselling to be effective, it requires honesty and respect from both sides.  Teamwork also means that we regularly review our work together and discuss possible challenges or barriers to our work.

It’s a Process

Counselling is a journey on which the client learns more about him-or herself and is supported in making positive life changes. As with any journey, there are ups and downs. It takes time and can sometimes require patience and perseverance.